Ark - Upcoming Features

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Ark - Upcoming Features

Post by Cymas on Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:33 pm

This is a huge list taken from the wiki. I did take the liberty of removing a few things from the list that we already have in some form, or will be getting in 242.


Gaslight lanterns
Indoor lighting
Some light tier between standing torch/lamppost
Reinforced Stone Box
Hitching Posts and Leashes (maybe)
Tek Tier
Surveillance equipment
Shield Generators
Cloaking Devices
New resource for the Tek Tier called Element also usable in primitive
Replicator allowing creation of large blueprints and disassembly of item
Wall banners (Flags hanging from walls)
2 more yet to be revealed sea items


Carryable flags
Night vision
Heat vision
Shotgun beanbag ammo
Fuel gauge

More instruments

Electric Keyboard


Equipment slots for glasses, hats etc.
Battering rams, trebuchets and other siege tools
Colored Smoke Grenade
Disease trap
Tripwire doors
Electric stun arrows

Tek Tier

Plasma Rifles
Plasma Sabers
Laser Trip wire

Fire Arrows
Wild Creatures setting for turrets and Plant Species X
Chain Bola for the ballista turret

Armor / Clothing

Dinosaur armor
Dino mounted cannons for primitive
Dino mounted plasma weapons for Tek Tier
Some sort of force field


Ceiling gate
Colorization pass on older structures
Flipping Sloped Walls Upside Down
Wall mounted coel for base decoration


Bread and Jam
Narcotic infused food


Speedboat and other higher-tier water transportation


More underwater harvestables
Geography specific plants
More seeds, and making seeds only appear in certain biomes


More caves, boss arenas and ascension goals
Additional caverns and biome devlopment for The Center
Sea cave-dungeon
Sunken Obelisk with underwater boss


Hail, thunderstorms and other weather cycles
Maybe a rough sea

Game mechanics

A sci-fi Tek Tier with advanced structures, technology, and weapons
Mechanized transportation system
Vacuum Sealed Underwater Bases
Potential airships/airship bases
Naming items
Carrying weapon and torch together
Alliance chat and rankings/privileges
Ability for Server Admins to Select which Animals are Tameable on their Server
Localized injuries and bleeding (and bandages)
Heatstroke with hallucinations
Dino migrations
Hold breath while in scope function
Ability to stop babies from growing(Tek Tier)
Breeding for sea-based creatures
Craft from remote-inventories (i.e. using resources of a storagebox directly instead of transfer them first)
Crafting speed affecting item quality
External notifications for alarm traps


Carnivores more active at dusk and dawn
A fix to Pteranodons Spazzy nature
Advanced dinosaur AI
Sleep mode for dinosaurs
Dino senses
Weaponizing fire, making dinos scared of it
Pheromone attractor/repeller
The Carbonenmys will have the ability to retract into their shells
Possible sibling boost
Alarm Trap can cycle aggression on nearby dinos
Vertical water leaps on some creatures
Icon for alpha-boosted creatures
Possible breeding stat


Roaring feature for all dinos
Skewering attack for Trike
Petting dinos and other creatures
Feeding pets by hand
Dino nests
Respect system
Advanced whistling system with dino-grouping for different whistle-orders


More customization (alternative hairstyles, different faces etc.) with haircut item
Sleeping animation for players
Different sounds for walking on different surfaces


"Matrix like revelations"


Alpha herbivores
Alphas for aquatic predators
A fourth boss!
Bosses with scalable difficulty to spawn (the tougher they are the better gear it will drop)
More air creatures revealed
More cold-climate creatures reveled
Alpha air creatures


A "use 10" button
Accessory slots
A skittish command for creatures
In Game Tutorials
Improve UX i.e. how you cook, how you build
Improved server browser

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Re: Ark - Upcoming Features

Post by Sagasol on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:06 am


Nobody in their right mind would use laxatives on a phiomia.

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Re: Ark - Upcoming Features

Post by AnimalV87 on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:55 am

So many good stuff, can't wait for dino armour.

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Re: Ark - Upcoming Features

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