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Wipe Deployment Vote

Post by DefectedZombie on Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:38 am

Ok guys we have two potential ways to handle the wipe right now. First of all we are releasing the wipe and recommend you do not build in the areas marked. Hopefully they leave those markers... Anyways right now our main concern is doing the release of the wipe. So below I will post two arguments about whether or not we should release the wipe right now, or if we should wait for the hotfixes.

Pre - is wiping before the hotfixes
Post - is wiping after hotfixes

There is possible unforeseen problems of constantly writing data ontop of data. The benefits to having a clean install vs a clean install where you then pile new data ontop of it, is that having a clean install to start with could prevent future bug down the road 4 to 5 updates from now. Like if any of you have ever played the Sims for example, from getting a new Expansion Pack, Do you ever wonder why, when doing a installation it can have some major glitches with putting the expansion pack on when a save gamefile already exists? Then going back and uninstalling all the game packs and doing them all fresh first seemingly fixes all the issues, its the same concept. Doing a wipe and the big update(242) is fine, but what ya can have is an issue where during one of the hotfixes it messes something up then any future update add to that issue. Writing the hotfix onto the freshly wiped server its no longer a clean install, at that point when we get our next update a month from now we arent working with fresh game files or a clean wipe we are working with an already updated game. Where as if we wait till the hotfixes are done when we wipe we get update and hotfixes combined into a fresh clean install no updates necessary making the first update being the one a month or so later, as opposed to the second update. Thus potentially increasing the longevity of the server before it starts rubber banding and having other glitches.


If we shut down the server now, then we delete all server-data and do the fresh re-installation This will take quite a lot of time, which is perfectly used while waiting for the hotfixes to deploy. If the installation finishes before all hotfixes are out, the server will stay locked down untill they do, but we then only have to run a regular 5 minute update and are good to go. If we wait for the Hotfixes to deploy we'd then have to run the whole time-consuming process after that which means even more wait for you guys. On the technical side this update process has no impact on performance since the server does not run anyway, and the world data will be cleaned up right before we start up.

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