Azure Outpost & Updated Volcano Outpost[Do it or Don't?]

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Azure Outpost & Updated Volcano Outpost[Do it or Don't?]

Post by BreakMeDown4 on Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:11 pm

Pre-wipe, we had a large mining outpost on the Blue Obelisk that had public furnaces, storage, landing bay and housing for Ankylos and Doeds.
I'd like to have this rebuilt, if possible.

This outpost, built to the side of the mountain, blocks a very minimalist number of gathering nodes- almost none of actual importance for that matter- and gives clear access to multiple crystal nodes, obsidian nodes and an abundance of metal nodes found atop the mountain. The only true challenge is building this public outpost on top of the mountain- amidst the freezing temperatures. To simply utilize the outpost- (the actual mountain itself) players will need a set of fur armor to protect themselves.

People who have storage space claimed will be able to store their goods in PIN coded storage while doing transportation rounds back to their own bases.

Kisston (Amelia) has offered to make the Volcano Outpost, but in a different spot than pre-wipe- a spot that blocks nearly no nodes at all. Presumably, this outpost features many similar functions and also gives much more access to players around the map.

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