The Ark care packages deployment

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The Ark care packages deployment

Post by Astaroshe on Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:03 pm

As a small reminder for those joining us on the Ark, we still offer the care packages to give you a little headstart into Ark. Those consist of some basic gear and a free dino that will be spawned in for you and can be colored to your whish (as long as the colors can appear naturally on the dino) The deployment will be active until the 5th of July, if if you did not revive yours one yet either post !carepackage! in the global chat and I'll hopefully respond. If I'm not available at that time you can either send me a pm here on the forums or msg another admin that is active during your playtime so that he can act as a middleman for the transfer.

For the dino you'll have the options of getting any dino that has been available before 242 and you can also choose the colors you want, considered the dino can have those colors naturally as well. You can check at the wiki which colors the dino you want can have in each region.

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