Upcoming Things and Welcoming new admin!

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Upcoming Things and Welcoming new admin!

Post by DefectedZombie on Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:39 pm

Ok peeps (yes you danger floofy sugery marshmellows!) we have an Announcement to make! Today we are having new admins joining us, who will be focusing primarily on server tech and helping Asta out with server maintance and file managing. That way we are not all waiting around for Asta if he is busy or overloading him Lol! The admin we are bringing in have programming and coding knowledge which was our main focus for hiring them!

Second announcement! (Yes there is two Lol.) With the announcement of new admin, we also will be setting up a bit more structure in the server admin world, starting a new program based around admin crews setting up a detailed list of what each crew does and who is in it. So you guys can know exactly what we are doing and who is doing it. As there have been alot of question of what do we actually do!

3rd announcement (Gasp! Theres three! XD) Within the following month we will be starting a new program which will be called the training grounds! In this program we will be working with GM's specifically to work with them to teach them exactly how or what we need from them through this program we will enhance their skills put them to the test, then upon finishing it place them to help out admin crews that best suit their skill set. Event managers will be with the event crew, tech with the tech crew and communications with the well you get the point! xD lots of changes coming up and whole lot of fun! As we continue to better ourselves to make your play experiences more enjoyable!

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