The Lotus Guard

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The Lotus Guard

Post by Cymas on Wed May 18, 2016 10:00 am

Tribe Name: Lotus Guard
Base: The City of Azynthine
Location: Weathertop

Mission Statement

The city of Azynthine is a dream given form. It is a haven, a hub for immigrants, merchants and adventurers, and a port of call--home away from home--for diplomats, entertainers and wanderers. Protected and maintained by the Lotus Guard, it is the blue city, a beacon of hope in the blood-red night.

Founder: Cymas (City Planner)
Admins: Marklarr (Logistician), Prime (Harbormaster), Abby (Herdmaster)

Recruitment: Closed
Membership: Open


While the Lotus Guard is not actively recruiting at this time, interested parties may speak to any admin about joining the tribe. Keep in mind that the Guard does not accept just anyone and has the right to refuse inquiries for any reason.


While the Lotus Guard does not seek to restrain its members from playing the game as they see fit, we do ask that everyone follows a few basic tenets:

Individual bases must be built within the city limits.
No outposts. If an outpost is deemed necessary, it will be built and maintained by the city, not individuals.
Practice mindful taming. The city provides a number of farm and working animals for use by all its members in order to lessen the need for individuals to contribute to the overpopulation of tamed animals.
All tribe members are responsible for their own personal tames.
Unless given explicit permission by the owner, personal tames may not be used by anyone except said owner.
Please return all pack animals to their designated posts when you are done using them.

Personal flags/colors are permitted, however in order to promote solidarity and tribe recognition it is asked that all members incorporate one of the following into their designs: a lotus, the color white, or any shade of blue (currently blue, navy, cyan or sky).

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