The Lotus Guard proudly presents Unicorn Breeding!

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The Lotus Guard proudly presents Unicorn Breeding!

Post by Cymas on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:48 pm

By no small amount of luck I have managed to acquire a breeding pair of unicorns!

I am offering to breed them free for anyone who wants one of these very pretty horned zebras for themselves. We will not raise them for you, but we will deliver to your base or the public hatchery for you to take care of and imprint the baby. Additionally, you may use our tribe hatchery if you wish, although it is not set up for public use.

Just let me or anyone from my tribe know and we can arrange a drop off time.

How it works: we will breed the unicorns at our base and then fly the mother to you. After she pops the baby out and you claim it, the baby is yours and we fly the mother back home. Simple enough. If you let us know ahead of time I can also provide a saddle.

The full baby raising time from mating to adult is 9 hours; the pregnancy is nearly 3 hours with a 40 minute baby stage so please plan accordingly.

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