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Forum Rules!

Post by DefectedZombie on Thu May 12, 2016 8:57 am

These are just some general Rules about the forum.

Be Respectful! Exp: No name calling, insulting someones gender, religious beliefs, sexuality race, mental well being ect. ect.
No making America Great again...
Leave the violence to the games you play. If that happens to be Ark we die enough...
No Instigating, or Flaming.
No Post Wars.
No Public Arguments with Admin. (That's what the Pm's are for.)
No Spamming, (This means repeated posts or multiple posts that are identical.)
Double Posting is fine in place of editing however the limit is 3 consecutive posts. As mentioned above, the post has to be different to not be consider spam. (No smart butt's that doesn't mean simply change 1 letter or word or number or 2 or 3 or 4 you get the gist Lol)
No Trolling, if you didn't understand what instigating and flaming was, that means no trolling. No behavior that could be seen as purposefully looking to pick a fight or get under someones nerves/skin. No purposeful button pushing.
For any reports PM an Admin go to your designated Server Admin's first. If you're having an issue with the Forum only then bring it to a Forum Admin. No Public Grievances or Reports.

Keep Server related topics to the Server Specific Forum. Exp: Ark Topic to Ark Server Forum.

(Note: These rules are general forum rules, Each Server Forum will have it's own set of rules created by the Server Forum Admin. Will add more as they pop up.)

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