Potential Questions!

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Potential Questions!

Post by DefectedZombie on Thu May 12, 2016 9:07 am

Q. Is this the Forum for the server I play on?
A. This is the Forum not only for the server you play on but a host to a few different servers Hosted by Bestinslot.

Q. I Play on two different Bis servers on two different games, Do I need two register twice?
A. If you happen to be on two of Bis servers that is perfectly fine, the only thing we ask is that when you post on the forums if its a server related post, that stays to the server specific forum.

Q. Is Bestinslot on these Forums?
A. Yes Bestinslot will be checking these forums.

Q. I need to get a hold of an admin, but don't want it public.
A. That's ok! Thanks to these forums we now have our own inbox system, that can be used for privately contacting people, without the hassle of going through steam! Just check out the member list and Profile for more info!

Q. I have an issue with an Admin on my Server who can I contact about this?
A. Try to deal with interpersonal Server issues through your server admin. If the problem persists and cannot be resolved through server admin you can then contact forum admin.

Q My Name is banana?
A. Thats ok I'm tropical punch....

Q. I have a question about the forums, can I post that in my Server's FAQ?
A. If you have a question specifically related to the forum, it would be best to stick to the Forum FAQ, and leave the Server FAQ's for Server related Questions.

(As More questions get asked an answered I will update this section.)

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