What is SlothServers?

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What is SlothServers?

Post by DefectedZombie on Tue May 24, 2016 6:05 pm

What is Slothservers?

Is it different or separate from the Ark Forum or Isle Forum?
The answer is yes, it is.

SlothServers is the home and future home to Game Servers hosted by Bestinslot the YouTuber and also a forum within itself open to the community of Bestinslot's fanbase. Here you will find Forums for the Subscriber Community to discuss thing's like the latest streams and series, to what block did BIS misplace on Minecraft. Have fun kick back and relax with like-minded viewers!

SlothServers, is not merely just a YouTube community forum, however! The larger function of SlothServers is to host a wide range of gaming servers that BIS, himself, has opened to the subscriber community. A major one of course, Ark's game server, another freshly formed one being The Isle. At SlothServers we provide forum's, set up to meet the needs of each individual gaming server opened by BIS.

Since SlothServers is used by multiple gaming servers, who is in charge?
SlothServers has three types of staff to assist you. Right now there are two kinds of administrators, Site Admins (Slothmins) and Server Admins (Ark Admins). Some servers also have In-Game Moderators (Arkites).

What is a Site Admin/Slothmin?
A Slothmin's job is to deal with anything relating to the slothservers.biz site, working with him to insure that all the forums are up to date and that the look and feel of the site matches his desires. They also manage forum set up and organization and deal in all things related to the site- technical details, links, registration, rules enforcement, ect. They do not set policy on server issues, and have authority in server forums only within the guidelines of their function as Site Admin.

What is a Server Admin/Ark Admin?
SlothServers hosts forums for BIS' gaming servers so Server Admins and players have a place to communicate and handle server and game-related matters. Each server (Ark, The Isle, etc.) has its own section within the forum. Since the Server Admins need to be able to manage their own player base, they fill the role of forum administrators within their server's section of the site. Server Admin are in charge of setting up (in coordination with Slothmins), maintaining and moderating their server's forums in correlation to the needs of their server and its players. In charge of anything and everything to do with the server they run for BIS, they set up their own rules and guidelines for their forum section and initiate topics of discussion and information (News & Updates, Suggestions, Ark Discussions, Isle Herding, ect.) They are not directly incharge of anything to do with the SlothServer Forums, nor can they solve SlothServer site related issues.

What is a GM/Moderator/Arkite?
Some Server Admin will utilize In-Game Moderators or GMs to help them keep an eye on things. Each server may have different rules, permissions and duties for its GMs, or have none at all. Please check within your server's forum for information on your server's Moderators. GMs are not SlothServer related Moderators. They need Server Admin approval to make any changes outside the guidelines set up for them. This is why GM's do not show up on the official SlothServer Admin list. If a list of GMs is not posted in your forum, your Server Admin can provide you with one.

Let's simplify this a little. SlothServer Forum, Isle Forum and Ark Forum, though they exist on the same site, are all separate from each other.

Think of it this way: In an apartment building, the building as a whole has a set of standards it expects tenants to live up to, and the people living in each apartment have their own set of rules they follow within the guidelines set by their lease(leave your shoes at the door, no feet on the furniture, ect.).  They all have their own unique way of living while following the general rules of the Apartment building as a whole. SlothServers hosts the forums (the apartment building), the Server Admin and Moderators run those individual Forums (the apartments inside it). Clear as squid ink?

This means that Ark Admin, for example, will not have authority in the Isle Forum, as that is not the server they administrate, though they may be part of that community and play on the Isle server. When Isle admin go into the Ark forum, they check their badge at the door, too.

What if your server's forum isn't set up with guides or information? Can't you do that at SlothServers?
SlothServers is not responsible for server forums. Please contact your server admin via the pm system with any questions related to your server or game. Slothmins will gladly assist in where it's deemed necessary, however. As it is a Slothmins duty to make sure everything is running smoothly as possible, one may step in to clarify situations, assist with technical support, or occasionally offer their own input.  Slothmins also have to keep up with not just one specific forum but all of them to make sure the general SlothServer rules are adhered to. Feel free to message a Slothmin with any questions you may have, though. If one can't answer your question, they will willingly help you find out who can.

SlothServers is still in its early stages and is continually being tweaked and updated to provide you with the best community possible. Please have patience with us as we work to create ways to meet a large array of needs, both now and moving into the future (and the past!). We hope that you will help us in this process by providing us with suggestions and feedback on how we may serve you better!

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