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Ark Server Forum Guide!

Post by DefectedZombie on Tue May 24, 2016 7:54 pm

Welcome to the Ark Server Specific Forum. Here is a map for you guys!

Ark Server Forum

This is the Category and Forum Section where all the forum's for our Server is Located! Here you can find all things related to Ark Server.


*Ark Admin Oasis

Home to the elusive admin's. This section is a private section only seen by server admin's, It is where all things server admins will get discussed. Such as upcoming events, decisions, reports, updates ect. ect. All Decisions, changes, reports, and issues of any kind must go through to server admin, to be reviewed and discussed before a final decision is made. The server admin are Rykaizer, Astaroshe, Kisston, Sagasol.

Meeting Quarry

A place for admin to pick away at communication. (Mining Jokes ftw!) This is the main section of the Oasis where most things will be discussed.

Training Grounds

Here we will discuss, and even do some active admin training. This is where admin's will and can go to hone their situation handling skills and mediation training. To better equip themselves with a better grasp on how to defuse and handle a range of situations.


A place for admin's to discuss reports from players. Whether it be about bugs, glitches, player abuse. All things reported will be discussed here to make a more formal decision.

Admin TotemPolls

A Place for the admin to vote on decisions. So we can make sure all admins are ready and agree with things.

*Arkites' Beacon

This is a place for GM's to have some privacy where only Server Admin can participate. This area is used for GM's to have a place to perform their GM duties, such as event managers, or taking reports from players or community members before bringing them to server admin. Anything and everything a GM might need to discuss can be done so here, as well as have the ability to participate in admin discussions on big decisions. The server GM are Cymas, Optimus, Mightnight, Tiffzilla.

Summoning Stone

A place for the GM's to gather and discuss important things. As well as to get feedback and keep in close contact with admin. So anything can be discussed on a much boarder scale.

Training Ground

In this section lessons will be periodically posted, in how to handle situations as a Moderator. This will also act as a guide for teaching GM's what is expected of them out of their role as a GM.

Field Reports

Here is where GM's can post reports given to them by players, as well as discuss them, even resolve them!

Office Reports

A Place for GM to escalate Field Reports to Admin, should they require assistance or need admin approval for something.

GM Totem Polls

A place for the GM's to have a private vote of their own based around their own topics that they want kept from public eye until a final decision. Where admins can view and provide feedback. Good place to see if everyone is on totem with an idea.


Ark Server Bulletin

This section is strictly for official posts for admin to set up on Server Hot Topics! Including Polls for official decisions! Community members and players will want to check here periodically for updates and news related to the server. It is also where you will find a lot of information about the forums, such as this nifty navigation guide!

Ark Server N.U.A

Ark Server Specific News, Updates & Announcements. Check here for all the latest info pertaining to the server!

Ark Rules, Guidelines & Information

Rules, Guidelines & Information For Posting in the Ark Server Forums. Everything you might need to know you can find here. It is highly recommended to check this out before posting.

Ark Server FAQ

Any question's you guys have or need answered feel free to post here and ask. A good way to reach admin with your personal questions!

Ark Polls

Server Official Polls! This is where voting for major server effecting decisions will be posted!


Ark Server Open Forum

This is the player base domain! Here is where you the community members will find everything you need or want. You can start your own server based discussions, hold your own polls, make your own announcements. It's your domain!

Ark Community Discussion

This is a free for all discussion board for you the community members, where you can create your own topics, start your own discussions, anything to do with the server! All things you wanna talk about have fun!

Ark Community Announcements

This is a special place for you the community members to make your own announcements. So say if you wanna announce something special that you are doing, such as opening your own shop, breeding center, nursery, ect. ect.

Ark Community Polls

This is a place for you guys to start your own polls, anything you wanna vote on or think needs to be voted on this is your place to make them! Make your roars heard!

Ark Community Tribes

A section for you guys to post things related to your tribes!

Ark Community Advertisements

This is a place for you the community to be able to post any and all server related advertisements. Say ya wanna make a trade for materials for a baby Dino. Or you've opened a in server shop and wanna advertise it. (This Server only!)

Ark Community Suggestions

This is a place for you guys to come make suggestions about thing to do with the server, lets say you'd like to see a change happen or something. If we see suggestions that sound good to us we will discuss them and maybe put them to an official vote and see how it goes from there.

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