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Community Map Vote!

Post by DefectedZombie on Thu May 26, 2016 4:11 pm

Ok Guys, today we are posting our first of many community votes in correlation to the wipe, before we can figure out values and stats however we need our foundation! That's right you guessed it, the map! Today the vote we put before you is for which map we will continue from this point on. As some if not many of you may already know we have two choices, The Center, and The Island!

However there are a few 'Pros' & 'Cons' to both maps so you need to choose wisely! Afterall there's no going back without another wipe!

The Island

Pros: There is more stability, less chance of bugs and quicker fixes to problems. More likely to be continuously updated with bigger better expansions. May get expansions that the Center won't have access too. Giga's and other dinosaurs are more localized to specific biomes & areas. More familiarity for better planning. If they scrub the Center or stop working on it, the Island maybe safer. Many More...

Cons: Depending on how the developers choose to focus on the two maps could be side lined for more focus on optimizing and improving the Center, leaving this one on the side lines for awhile or longer time frame, (same sort of dynamic they did for SotF.) May not have access to improved areas that are released on the Center down the road. Has localized dinosaurs meaning you have to travel to specific areas to see specific dinosaurs. May continue to be expanded on more frequently then the Center which could mean having to move bases out of the way of incoming expansions. If the Center gets anything exclusive (dinosaurs, land expansions, ruins) we can't switch to it. Many More...
The Center

The Center is the first DLC map for Ark. Originally designed as a custom map by a modder, it saw release as official content in PC patch 241. This map boasts several features. It is much, much larger than The Island, with biomes that do not exist on the original map. The map also sports difficulty 5.0, with wild animals spawning at a maximum level of 150, a whooping 30 levels higher than the current standard 4.0.

However, The Center is not without its problems, some of which could result in issues or setbacks for the community. The first and most immediate issue of note is that the new Redwoods biome is not yet implemented. This leaves us with two options; either play through a new biome change we originally intended to avoid and risk bases being partially or completely destroyed, or simply further delay our planned fresh start and wait for the map to receive the biome patch. Update 242 applies only to The Island. Many mods also do not function properly, which may limit any content the community is interested adding. Finally, there are a number of serious issues currently plaguing The Center map, and while they will eventually be patched, for right now these are things that can cause problems for anyone playing on the map.

And given that we have had numerous problems with them, it would be remiss of us not to mention that in The Center gigas can spawn anywhere and are not limited to specific reasons, unlike The Island where they can spawn only in the northern half of the map. (Thank you Cymas for writing this up for us!)

Pros: New Map! Shiny, Fancy new areas to explore, as well as new places to build. The Map is supposed to be bigger then the Island. Dinosaurs tend to roam everywhere as opposed to being more localized, increasing better chances at seeing more variety, without having to cross the entire map. Also less ability to kill spawn zones because of this. Being a new shiny toy for developers to tinker with, there's an increased chance they will spend more time and focus on optimizing this map and adding onto it, to set it apart from the Island. May very well get exclusive biomes or expansions that do not come to the Island.

Cons: New Map... Currently the Center is chocked full of bugs and glitches, some have even been reported as game breaking. Such as over population causing mass lag spikes and crashes on servers. Dinosaurs wonder everywhere causing defense against them to be far harder. Has a good chance of being side lined or not as worked upon as the Island. In which case going back to the Island would mean a whole other restart. Could very well not have access to the new biomes and land expansions. Could be far less worked on then the Island. The amount of knowledge about the Center is very limited and far more risky to start on. If it does become the new hyper focus of the developers, constant changes could mean more bugs more glitches and more having to move bases due to constant world changes.

Overall Guys the Island is far safer... One way or another though we could wind up missing out on some special new things. However that is what SinglePlayer is for! We also felt it was for more important to put this to vote and let you guys have the final say as this server is for you the community. So it's important your voice is heard!

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