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Forum Guide!

Post by DefectedZombie on Thu May 12, 2016 9:41 am

Sloth Server Forums

Everything in this section is strictly for the general forum. Here you will find all the categories listed below that are not connected to an individual specific server. These categories may repeat in server specific forums. For server related info.


All current and upcoming General Forum related news will be posted here. This is for News not related to a specific server but to the forums, and Slothservers as a whole. Any updates about the SlothServer Forums as a whole will be posted here as well, which will be separate from Server specific forums.

Rules & Guidelines

The rules for the Sloth Server Forum are a general standing of rules that pertain to overall SlothServer Forum usage. However Server Specific Forums will have their own set of rules to follow created and set up by the Server Admin for the that particular Server Forum. These rules need to be mindful of the SlothServer rules.


Here we will try to answer questions about SlothServers to the best of our knowledge base. However we ask that you only ask General Forum Questions in this section and keep any Server related questions to your Server Specific Forum FAQ, as your Server admin will best be suited to answering those questions.

Casual Conversations

This section is a general discussions/conversation area. Feel free to come relax and discuss non server related things. Example: "Did ya catch the latest Bestinslot youtube video or stream? Maybe you know someone who plays on a different Server hosted by Bis on a different game and are considering buying said game and joining, here you can contact your friends from the channel across the board and ask questions or just talk and hang out. However we do request all server related discussions stay to the specific server forums.


This section is set up for you, the community to add in some input. For example, let's say for some reason you find something I messed up on like a color of a font is unreadable somewhere on the forum and you would like it changed. Or you just have general suggestions about forum categories you'd like to see. Your idea's can be posted here and heard! Again though this is not for server specific forums. For forum section additions for server specific forums take that to your server admin, who then can come contact forum admin about getting those sections set up.


If you the forum members have any Servers or anything you'd like to advertise, say you make a pvp server on a game you play and would like your friends to come join ya, or ya know about a server on another popular game, this is for you guys.

(Server Admin's are in charge of whether or not they put a Server Forum Guide like this for their forum sections.)

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